Let's Get FIT.
5K FIT, Together!

We are on a mission, to get 5K FIT Together. Train to walk, jog or run 5K, Together!

What Is 5K FIT Together?

Who Is This For?

YOU! Anyone and Everyone! ūüôā

All fitness levels welcome, we will work towards our own individual goals, as a team!
Let’s get fit, not just FIT, but 5k FIT, Together!

What Are we Doing?

The rules are simple:

  • We walk/jog/run, with 3 x per week training sessions. At times to suit you.
  • We complete a 5 k together *virtually*, on Sunday the 5th July
  • We keep each other accountable with support + motivation in a closed group on Facebook.

What is our Personal Goal?

РTo improve our fitness, health and well-being by training to achieve a 5k, together. 
Join the community, so we can train together as a team, but achieve our own individual goals!

What is our  Team Mission?

– To complete 5k Together on the 5th July
РTo raise a team total of £5000 for The NHS Charities Together!

Ready To Get Involved?

Simply enter your name and email below. 
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Why 5k? My story

Jessica Fleischer

5k is the furthest I’ve ever had to run, as part of my kickboxing training:


– I ran 5K to achieve my black belt
– I ran up to 5k, 3 x per week, when training to fight


And these are the only 2 times I have remained consistent with my running.


Now we are isolated, and the gyms are closed so we are struggling for motivation to keep active.


So, let’s run (or walk), Together.


Specifically 5k – It’s achievable and we will notice great improvements in our health and fitness, without having to dedicate a huge amount of time to it, or invest too much money on fancy equipment for it!


And, as part of an inspiring group, we are not just running alone. 

We can remain connected – sharing our successes, celebrating our wins and also offering support and advice through our struggles.


We can do this, Together!


Let’s get 5K FIT Together!